"When Tomorrow Isn't Soon Enough"


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Gandhi

NextPakk is the catalyst for Local Ecosystems to thrive and self-support
through micro-economies within 20 square miles or less.

Local Retailers connected to Local Drivers connected to Local Consumers

Through our hyperlocal network, we offer a Flexible, Scalable, Repeatable and Measureable Local Ecosystem for the small business to thrive in the wake of major brands ecommerce dominance.

We offer local small and boutique business owners to compete on a scale of their large national retail rivals. We do so by offering a unique way to connect with consumers that are in search of locally sourced product that can be purchased and delivered within hours of the purchase being made. Aside from helping retailers establish greater connectivity to their localized end consumer, the retailer can also become a PDP (Package Delivery Point) for other parcel deliveries that their customers don’t want left on their porch to be stolen. The Retail PDP is an important link in this last mile delivery chain that helps establish a secure point of delivery while enabling the end consumer to either pick-up or schedule final mile delivery (via NextPakk) at the consumers desired time and place of delivery... The Retail PDP converts unused (excess) space into revenue generating storage that can help drive foot traffic while playing a complimentary role to its customer base within its local community.


We chose to create a business that would create real-time connectivity between local merchants and the communities with which they depend upon their patronage. We believe that there is a better way to link the needs of those in our communities with the availability of goods and services that are within that proximity. We believe in providing services that level the playing field for those that are competing with many organizations that are many times larger than what one may represent locally.

We want to empower the individual consumer with the power of choice (what they want, from where they want it, when they want it, and how they want to receive it..).

We want to empower the individual to take an active role in enabling the core service by providing on demand last mile delivery logistics to those merchants that currently have no way to compete with large multinational e-commerce players that have well established infrastructure and economies of scale that result in a significant competitive advantage if left unbalanced.

We believe that all local businesses have a moral, social, environmental and ethical responsibility to their communities as do those same communities have an equals responsibility to support their local businesses...

Welcome to Community Based Commerce (CBC), welcome to the new Pakk-age!


“When there is no time in your schedule for an unscheduled delivery."

"When tomorrow isn't soon enough"

Mission / Vision


We are on a mission to create a viable counterbalance that helps level the playing field on which the game of global commerce is played.

We seek to create a synergistic level of connectivity between the Consumer, Retailer and the Delivery Agent whereby each participant plays an active role in creating an economically sustainable exchange of products and services between local merchants and their community based consumers.

We believe that when this balance between localized supply and demand is achieved that it will result in an optimal exchange of value with the greatest degree of benefit to all participants with the least amount of negative impact (environmental, social, economic)..

We are committed to helping facilitate socially responsible, environmentally responsible, economically responsible commerce in a manner that allows all participants to reap the benefits of their participation in this ecosystem. One intentional byproduct of this approach is a more“ connected” and “responsible” and “accountable” business environment whereby the rising tide of commerce will equally lift all boats that choose to navigate these waters.


At NextPakk it is our objective that by fueling the engine of commerce in our local communities we will strengthen the foundation of the community itself (people, community resources, charitable obligations as well as environmental responsibilities).

We are an organization that exist to serve people regardless of who or where or what one may need, it is our primary responsibility to ensure that we never lose sight of the role we intend to play to make a difference across all that we encounter, interact and ultimately serve.

We are a group of people that share a common purpose, with a common passion that when we as a community work together toward a common goal, there is no obstacle to difficult or no challenge that we can't overcome when we all support one another... There will always be more consumers in a local community than there are available suppliers..

Who & What does NextPakk solve ‘X’ for:

Product - Sensitive Deliveries requiring signatures and F2F receipt:

--- Hi-Tech, Wine, Plants, Food, Live animals, crypto-wallet, etc.

Person - Sensitive Deliveries:

---Medicine, apparel, event-specific (surprise parties, weddings, bar/t mitzvahs, funeral, etc.)

Consumer not at home; wants/requires the secure receipt of item

Consumer with an unsecured delivery point

Consumer who experienced a missed or incorrect delivery; wrong address

Carriers; they have been unable to mitigate the actual cost of the FMD (Final Mile Delivery) and can only ‘shuffle the shells’ as to who actually has to manage the cost & burden of FMD

Retailer requiring control and confirmation of receipt of items

Our Team

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of experienced business professionals with a combined experience of over 150 years.

Each team member brings a unique and very valuable combination of skills spread across a vast set of competencies including; logistics and operations management and technology development.

Lowell Fortune
Lowell Fortune (Co-Founder)

Captain of NextPakk

Lowell Fortune is a USAF veteran. During his twelve years of service, Lowell became a nuclear missile launch commander responsible for billions of dollars of government assets. Lowell has fifteen years of experience in both front-end and back-end as a full stack web developer and 4 years as logistics specialist in the USAF. Additionally, he’s dedicated the past ten years to working with small to mid-sized businesses as a business developer.

Sergey Tolkachev
Sergey Tolkachev

Captain of Engineering

Sergey Tolkachev is a full-stack software developer with a Ph. D. in computer software engineering and over thirty years of experience in systems and applications. Mr. Tolkachev is an expert in interactive, web-based systems, R&D, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, client/server, object-oriented systems development and neural networks with development experience in the fields of health care, e-commerce, manufacturing, CAD/CAM, decision support and software engineering.

Dileep Kamujula
Dileep Kamujula

Captain of Technology

Dileep Kamujula is a software engineer with proven excellence in the identity, telecom, e-commerce, and financial services industries, and is passionate about blockchain technology and scalable DApps. Holding a master’s degree from NIT Calicut, India, Mr. Kamujula has worked with organizations like Oracle, Accolite Inc., and eBay Inc. Founding two ventures in India, honing his application development skills, Dileep remains committed to providing opportunity and convenience to all.

PB Stanton
P.B. Stanton

Captain of Legal Compliance and Policy

PB Stanton, ESQ, is an experienced US based attorney fluent in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Securities and Banking law compliance. As a trusted ICO Advisor, he gives guidance and leadership in all phases from project ideation, tokenomics, and whitepaper creation, to full turn-key ICO Launches. Stanton’s law career began in the United States Marine Corps as a JAG Officer stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. In his civilian life, Stanton has spent 25+ years providing sophisticated asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning services to affluent individuals and families, prestigious institutions and other high value clients. He enjoys international travel for both business and pleasure; is a very involved father to two beautiful children; and enjoys surfing, anything outdoors, and music.

Chad Kielty
Chad Kielty (Co-Founder)

Captain of Finance

Prior to his role as Finance Manager for UnitedHealth Group, Chad Kielty served as Senior Financial Analyst at ShopNBC and consultant at Accenture. Chad has an MBA and has worked as a financial analyst for several Fortune 500 companies.

Chad Kielty
Charles Stevens

Captain of R&D

Charles is a technologist, researcher, scientist, entrepreneur, business man. In 1984 he founded Pemco, LTD. Technology development and holding company. ThermoHomes, Inc. a ‘SIP‘structural insulated panel technology, the company he founded was sold in 1997. In 2006 504investor a web portal for SEC rule 504,505 and 506 investments company he founded, was sold to Pvix. Inc. in 2009.

Our Team

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Our Advisors

Matt Ciantar
Matt Ciantar (Co-Founder)

Matt holds a Masters in Business Administration. He’s Senior Executive Sales Leader with over 28 years of global supply chain, business process optimization and managed services consulting experience. He served as the Senior Vice President of US Sales for BRINKS Secure Logistics. Matt spent 23 years with the Leader in Logistics and Supply chain consulting services in the world, UPS. During his tenure he held various positions ranging from operational leadership, sales operations, direct sales, sales leadership, product management resulting in his final role as the Region Director of Sales Operations for UPS.

Josh Cotton
Josh Cotton

Dr. Joshua Cotton holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and served as a Personnel Research Psychologist for the Department of the Navy, working with the Marine Intel Community, Navy Recruiting, and the U.S. Navy SEALs prior to founding VetStoreUSA. The creator of the Elite Performance Indicator personality and competency assessment, Dr. Cotton has spent the past five years studying the behavior of the cryptocurrency culture. The founder and President of Intelligent Governance Solutions, Inc., Josh is a Management Consultant for Fortune 500 companies and a lecturer at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Larissa Felonyuk
Larissa Felonyuk

With an MBA and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and executive level experience as CEO, COO and CFO, Larissa Felonyuk directs business operations through due diligence, business evaluation, risk management, and business management consulting. Ms. Felonyuk provides leadership in building and directing professional teams and extensive networks, while focusing on business analysis, strategic planning, and operating management.

Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj Gupta holds a Master's degree in Material Science, he's an ICObench expert and supports various ICOs with Digital Marketing, Community and Investor outreach, Partnerships etc. He is also an entrepreneur and Angel Investor in Indian start ecosystem. His entrepreneurial projects have ranged within mHealth, Renewable Energy, e-tail spaces. He got huge network and exposure within SEA and NA.

Claudio Ramirez
Claudio Ramirez

Claudio is an Entrepreneur, Blockchain/AI/IoT/VR/AR Advocate and Aeronautical Engineer. He holds an MBA, MEng. & MEM and more recently has been working as Blockchain Strategy Advisor for different ICOs around the world. With over 16 years experience aeronautical engineering and business. He has started 3 business both in Venezuela and Australia. Claudio has experience in Financial Markets and is also Crypto-currency/assets Investor.

Ramy Ramirez
Ramy Ramirez

A former Marine Special Operations Critical Skills Operator, Ramy Ramirez is an experienced Computer Forensic Examiner who’s served as a Computer Forensic Analyst for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Digital Forensics Consultant for the Office of the President. Mr. Ramirez has a degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis and has spoken on the value of blockchain with the Open Web Application Security Project. Ramy serves as the Executive Vice President in charge of security and compliance at VetStoreUSA.

Chris Tannahill
Chris Tannahill

Chris Tannahill is a highly proficient Technical Team Leader, specializing in Community Growth Management and Digital Marketing Quality Assurance. He regularly works alongside organizations such as IBM, providing User Acceptance Testing of Business Websites and Mobile Applications, ensuring an optimal experience for end-users. He has been increasingly involved in Blockchain projects since 2013 and brings first-hand insight into the inner workings of Crypto Community minds.

Rick Tapia
Rick Tapia

Rick Tapia is an industry expert in the Business Analysis of Blockchain platforms and their subsequent infrastructures with an in-depth knowledge of ICO start-to-finish processes. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of Initial Coin Offering strategy, metrics, implementation, garnering of capital investment, jurisdiction shopping, legal compliance and proper formation of corporate structure. He has worked most notably as an advisor on the TraDove project that raised over $50 million in its ICO.

Our Team

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