"When Tomorrow Isn't Soon Enough"


NextPakk is the catalyst for Local Ecosystems to thrive and self-support
through micro-economies within 20 square miles or less.

Local Retailers connected to Local Drivers connected to Local Consumers

Through our hyperlocal network, we offer a Flexible, Scalable, Repeatable and Measureable Local Ecosystem for the small business to thrive in the wake of major brands ecommerce dominance.

We offer local small and boutique business owners the opportunity to compete on a scale of their large national retail rivals. We do so by offering a unique way to connect with consumers that are in search of locally sourced product that can be purchased and delivered within hours of the purchase being made. Aside from helping retailers establish greater connectivity to their localized end consumer, the retailer can also become a PDP (Package Delivery Point) for other parcel deliveries that their customers don’t want left on their porch to be stolen. The Retail PDP is an important link in this last mile delivery chain that helps establish a secure point of delivery while enabling the end consumer to either pick-up or schedule final mile delivery (via NextPakk) at the consumers desired time and place of delivery... The Retail PDP converts unused (excess) space into revenue generating storage that can help drive foot traffic while playing a complimentary role to its customer base within its local community.

As much as we would like to tell you why you should drive with NextPakk rather than try to convince you, we would prefer to tell you what we believe, why we started NextPakk and the purpose behind why we began this journey.

We enable delivery capabilities that level the playing field for our retailers, we unlock and empower the opportunity to augment income for those that drive with us while we give back both time and control to our individual customers who are looking to make the most of their time, the most valuable (non-renewable) commodity on earth.

We believe that for our business to be sustainable we must maintain an equitable balance between our customers and those that provide the services that those customers are seeking.

At Nextpakk, our couriers, you, are the personal link in an increasingly disconnected world.

We believe in creating opportunity for people to earn an honest wage, for local retailers to compete equally with their large multinational counterparts and for an individual to take control over their delivery experience.

We believe any business worth building must create a synergistic balance between the value it seeks to provide and the compensation for those that enable the service.

We believe that for any business ecosystem to survive it must maintain intentional balance between all participants who choose to interact with one another and that the value exchanged is equal to or greater than the cost incurred.

We believe in prioritizing the power of purpose and people ahead of profits. We understand our business exists because of those who choose to participate in creating a shared exchange of value based capabilities where all participants win each time they interact.

The question as to whether or not NextPakk is the right fit for you is more based on what you believe in…

Whether you are looking for consistent work or just looking for some extra income to supplement your existing income to help make ends meet, NextPakk would be glad to welcome you to apply and participate in our shared ecosystem platform.

About You


18+ years of age
Car (1999 or newer)
Smartphone with data plan
Pass a background check
Great customer service skills
Lift up to 40 lbs
1+ year(s) driving experience
Speak English fluently

How It Works

Let us know when you're available by signing on to the NextPakk Driver app. We'll send you delivery request.
Accept delivery request and make deliveries within the scheduled time. Get paid weekly.

On Your Time

Log on and accept delivery requests. If life happens and you have to go inactive and get your bearings, no problem.

Deliver Packages

No hot foods, no passengers! Deliver packages and earn upto $20/HR with commission oppportunity.

Help Is Waiting

Need help or have a question? Help is waiting to assist you with your deliveries

NextPakk Retail

What do you do "when tomorrow
isn't soon enough?"

Same Day Commerce

NextPakk ME

“When there is no time in your schedule for an unscheduled delivery."

Demand Driven Delivery

NextPakk Fetch

Want It, Need It, Get It!

My Delivery Agent

+1 612 567 1781

11670 Fountains Drive, Suite 200
Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55369


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