NextPakk Fetch (Coming Q2 2019)

What is it and how can it help me?

NextPakk Fetch delivers Anything you want or need from hundreds of local retailers including cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks, screen printers, convenience stores, flower shops, bakeries, dry cleaners, hardware stores, pharmacies, office supplies and more.


Fetch provides income earning opportunities, keep money circulating in local economies and helps foster healthy local economies for small businesses to grow.


Need grap something from your favorite bagal shop and nails from your local hardware store?


Forgot to pick up your dry cleaning? Need to pick up your flyers from Kinkos?

When there is no time in your schedule for an unscheduled delivery, NextPakk It!

Based on a study by Shorr, consumers want a solution that does the following:

Regardless of the size of the package delivered, the package can be protected from theft.

Eliminate the need for stacking packages on a porch or sitting packages in front of a door to an apartment.

Eliminate the need for a delivery driver to enter a home or apartment.

Increase the number of products that can be delivered such as dry cleaning.

Allow groceries to be delivered and stored in a temperature-controlled container.

Provide security so that even high-value merchandise like watches and jewelry can be delivered and stored safely.

Provide a solution for packages to be returned to retailers. This is a significant issue for consumers and retailers.

Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check! We've got your pakk!

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11670 Fountains Drive, Suite 200
Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55369

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