"When Tomorrow Isn't Soon Enough"


If you could give your customers the same level of convenience they’re becoming accustomed to in this “bring it to me now” world what would it look like?

What do you do "when tomorrow isn't soon enough?"

The single largest competitive shift underway (being waged by the giants of industry) is the aggressive movement toward real-time / demand driven commerce, how do you intend to participate & compete in this hyper-condensed pace of commerce (and consumer driven demand)?



Boutique and Small Business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their current or create new:
--- Foot traffic
--- Customer reach and
--- Revenue streams

The average acquisition cost of a new customer is FIVE TIMES higher versus maintaining and growing a current customer*

Maintaining and growing the repeat business of a current customer by enhancing their experience of doing business with you is worth 5 new customers every time they re-purchase.

According to PwC, shoppers value the immediacy as 88 percent of consumers are willing to pay for same-day or faster delivery.


Who & What does NextPakk solve ‘X’ for:

Product - Sensitive Deliveries requiring signatures and F2F receipt:

--- Hi-Tech, Wine, Plants, Food, Live animals, crypto-wallet, etc.

Person - Sensitive Deliveries:

---Medicine, apparel, event-specific (surprise parties, weddings, bar/t mitzvahs, funeral, etc.)

Consumer not at home; wants/requires the secure receipt of item

Consumer with an unsecured delivery point

Consumer who experienced a missed or incorrect delivery; wrong address

Carriers; they have been unable to mitigate the actual cost of the FMD (Final Mile Delivery) and can only ‘shuffle the shells’ as to who actually has to manage the cost & burden of FMD

Retailer requiring control and confirmation of receipt of items

NextPakk ME - How it works, through the eyes of a customer, Jane.

When Jane Shops Local Retailers

1) Jane creates a NextPakk profile, where she enters her shipping address and other contact information. A NextPakk address, which includes a unique customer ID (ex: 453224), is assigned to Jane and is used as her shipping address.

2) Jane purchases an item online shipping it to her assigned NextPakk address, which are local businesses, known as a Package Delivery Point (PDP). This allows Jane to set up her shipping without publicizing her personal contact information.

3) Jane picks a time when she is home and able to receive the package.

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