“My son’s monthly medication was dropped on my neighbor’s back porch and the carrier confirmed it was delivered. I had to argue with the pharmacy that the medicine wasn’t delivered. My neighbor called me the next day to say he had a box with my name on it that was left on HIS deck by mistake.”
--- Father of child with chronic condition that requires monthly deliveries of his son’s daily medicine

“My case of wine was left with an unknown neighbor who left it in the trunk of his car for 2 days while we tried to arrange a meeting.”
--- Wine club member that gets multiple case of wine delivered to his home each month that require Over-21 signature for delivery

“I belong to multiple monthly ‘box’ clubs for clothes, personal items, high-end whiskey & bourbon and wine clubs. I am constantly fearful that because of how they are delivered and sometimes simply dropped on my porch or delivered to someone other than me to get a signature, that I won’t get my order.”
--- Single man who has clothes, cigars, whiskey, wine and other collectible and personal items delivered regularly to his multi-unit condo


"When Tomorrow Isn't Soon Enough"

NextPakk It!

When there is no time in your schedule for an unscheduled delivery, NextPakk It!

Based on a study by Shorr, consumers want a solution that does the following:

Regardless of the size of the package delivered, the package can be protected from theft.

Eliminate the need for stacking packages on a porch or sitting packages in front of a door to an apartment.

Eliminate the need for a delivery driver to enter a home or apartment.

Increase the number of products that can be delivered such as dry cleaning.

Allow groceries to be delivered and stored in a temperature-controlled container.

Provide security so that even high-value merchandise like watches and jewelry can be delivered and stored safely.

Provide a solution for packages to be returned to retailers. This is a significant issue for consumers and retailers.

Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check and Check! We've got your pakk!

NextPakk ME - How it works, through the eyes of a customer, Jane.

BUY Local

When Jane Shops Local Retailers
1) Jane creates a NextPakk profile or signs into her profile, where she shops on our community base commerce marketplace of local retailers

2) Jane purchases an item(s) from the marketplace.

3) Jane schedules a time when she is home and able to receive the package. NextPakk takes care of the rest.

Shop Global Retailers (Coming June 2019)

When Jane Shops Global Retailers
1) Jane creates a NextPakk profile, where she enters her shipping address and other contact information. A NextPakk address, which includes a unique customer ID (ex: 453224), is assigned to Jane and is used as her shipping address.

2) Jane purchases an item online shipping it to her assigned NextPakk address, which are local businesses, known as a Package Delivery Point (PDP). This allows Jane to set up her shipping without publicizing her personal contact information.

3) Jane picks a time when she is home and able to receive the package. Once packace is delivered to Jane's assigned PDP, she receives an alert that her package is ready for scheduling. Jane selects her desired delivery time (window) and we take care of the rest.

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